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Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a hand made recreation of a patients tooth created by a dentist and a dental laboratory technician. A crown is often the treatment of choice when the strength of a tooth has been compromised by dental decay, tooth fracture or root canal treatment. Dental crowns are also useful in cosmetic dentistry to enhance a patients smile.

We are able to provide the most exquisite Dental Crowns Bridgesand Dental Implants due to our on-site Master Dental Technician. Few if any other dental offices have an exclusive relationship with a true craftsman.

Indications for Dental Crowns

  • If the structure of a patients tooth has been compromised by decay to the point that it will not be able to retain a filling or tolerate routine chewing forces.
  • When a dental filling becomes so large that the remaining tooth structure is no longer able to tolerate normal chewing forces.
  • Crowns are utilized to recreate a missing tooth when a dental implant has been placed.
  • Following root canal treatment premolar and molar teeth are not able to tolerate normal chewing force. Dental crowns are used to protect and maintain the treated tooth.
  • Occasionally excessive grinding (bruxism) or acid erosion from stomach reflux may damage teeth to the point that dental crowns are required to recreate and protect the remaining tooth.
  • When there is a desire to alter the size, shape or shade of a tooth for esthetic reasons, a porcelain crown is an excellent choice.