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Office Hours

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We know how busy life is for you and we make every effort to accommodate your busy schedule. So that we can get our clients in and out on time, we expect our clients to be on time and keep their scheduled appointments. Please make appointments that you know you can keep. Last minute changes increase the cost of providing excellent care to our clients.

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We demonstrate our practice's commitment to providing our patients with the highest quality dental care and service by our actions, not our words.

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"Without a doubt the best service and care we have ever received. My wife had not seen a dentist in about one year and woke with some tooth pain from a wisdom tooth. We called and despite the schedule being full, we were told they would find a way to fit us in. I found Dr. Biggs' office through an online google search and he appeared to have the best reviews. When we arrived we were taken straight back despite my wife not really being in any pain. Dr. Biggs personally took her history and did the complete exam rather than having a tech start with her. He took extra time to explain everything and answer all of her questions. Within ten minutes he had removed her wisdom tooth in the office and taken care of her problem. Only later did we find out that it was his day off and he came in just to take care of us! I can't say enough nice things about the care they give and would completely recommend them to anyone."

"I have been going to Dr. Robert and Sharon Biggs for over 20 years. They see my 3 children, also. I have never experienced more professionalism and attention. They are extremely gentle, and they make it a favorable experience for my kids... The staff is friendly, helpful, and I would never consider going elsewhere."

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